philoro is engaged in the trade of physical precious metals for investment purposes. The company is an independent, private trading company that specializes in precious metals. The team has years of in-depth experience in the global precious metals trade and in the international investment business.

philoro - the solid partner for purchasing precious metals

Our services cover the entire spectrum of investment in precious metals: philoro offers not only premium quality products and outstanding service, but also a corporate culture that is characterized by sustainable values and an ownership structure focused on the long term. Numerous awards and a successful ISO 9001 certification vouch for the company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality.

philoro did start out as a small start-up. Rudolf Brenner and René Brückler rented a small office in Vienna and opened the first online shop for precious metals in Austria. Both men had spent the first part of their careers in the investment sector of the banking industry. It was here, that they first identified an open spot, in the millennia old precious metals industry. Little did they know that this would be the start of what is now becoming a global precious metals brand.

Geschäftsführer philoro

Your benefits at philoro

International focus - local presence

As a German-Austrian company with global perspectives, we have access to a network of globally leading companies from the precious metals industry. We are locally anchored with a Europe-wide network of branches and offer a webshop and a cutting-edge online wholesale trading platform 365 days a year (24/7) for the trade of precious metals.

Financial strength and sustainable success

The philoro group has healthy records, high liquidity and constantly increasing profits. Our equity ratio exceeds the industry average, which is a clear sign of financial stability - even on an international scale. Our mission is to increase growth and profits while simultaneously creating positive effects for society, employees, and proprietors.

Sustainable strategy and company philosophy

The philoro group is privately owned and maintains a solid capital base of shareholders and investors who share a long-term perspective. The efficient management and organizational structure allow for rapid, independent decision-making. In virtually all aspects and considerations of our business, you are at the very forefront: our customer. Every single day, we strive to do justice to your individual needs, expectations, and efforts. After all, without you, we would not be the company we are today. Customer satisfaction is our motivation.

Our expansion towards sustainability

philoro builds a state-of-the-art refinery near Vienna

philoro opens up a new chapter: As soon as fall of 2023, the first gold bars made in Austria, provided with our very own coinage, will leave our top modern refinery near Vienna, while creating 300 new jobs in the process. Of course, the focus lies again on sustainability and innovation. The site is constructed using top modern materials and implementing multiple measures for sustainability. It is philoro’s distinct futures goal to manufacture 100 % of our products from recycled gold, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Here, a certification from the “London Bullion Market Association” is the measure of all things.


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