Who is philoro?
Is it necessary to arrange an appointment when seeking advice?

Shipment & Delivery

Shipping Costs
Is my package insured, while in transit?


What sort of product range does philoro offer?
Does the original packaging of the product affect the value of my goods?
Where can I find the latest precious metal prices?
How often are the prices updated?
How is the purchase and sale price composed?


Is it better to buy gold, silver, or both?
How do I buy from philoro?
What kind of payment does philoro accept?
Have you recieved my payment via bank transfer?
How is my order shipped?
May I cancel my order if I change my mind?
My package was damaged during transport. What can I do?


Who bears the shipping risk?
Am I able to cancel my order from philoro after the order is confirmed?


Are my prices locked in when I place my order?
What taxes do I have to pay?