The founding of philoro goes back to the idea of a precious metals trading company that is independent of banks. Our mission is to provide our customers with prosperity and value preservation through our products.

philoro represents years of family tradition that is closely tied in with the precious metals business. The team has years of in-depth experience in the global precious metals trade and in the international investment business, as well as extensive knowledge in the advertising and media landscape

Thomas Geissler, co-CEO

Thomas Geissler was born in Oberndorf near Salzburg in 1983 and studied law and economics at the University of Salzburg. He started his career in the investment industry at Raiffeisenbank. Since 2013 he has been with philoro, where he is Managing Director of various subsidiaries of the philoro group. He started the international trading business and the scrap gold business within the philoro group.

Christian Herwig, co-CEO

Christian Herwig was born in Vienna in 1976 and studied law at the University of Vienna. From 2006 to 2018, he worked in the Presidential Section of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Since 2018 he has been following his passion for precious metals with philoro where he is Managing Director in various subsidiaries of the philoro Group.

Ygal Delouya, Head of Logistics and Refining Services

Ygal Delouya was born in Morocco in the year 1975. He pursued studying mechanical engineering, completing his studies outside of the United States. 

His professional career began in 2003 as a Senior Manager in refining, and he quickly ascended the ranks to manage one of the largest international refining enterprises. 

Ygal is now the Head of Logistics and Refining Services at Philoro USA Inc. His passion for improvement and commitment to delivering unparalleled services.

Albert C. Johnston III, Director of Sales and Marketing

Albert C. Johnston, III was born in Los Angeles in 1952 and studied music theory/composition at the University of Hawaii. His career started in 1974 in the marketing side of the wholesale diamond/jewelry industry. Since 1995 he has been in sales, marketing and promotion of physical precious metals investments in bullion bar/coin form to private investors and high net worth individuals on a physical delivery, insured depository storage and retirement accounts basis throughout North America.

In November 2022 he joined philoro USA, Inc. in developing the American market through their New York office. Mr. Johnston has a combined 48 years of experience in marketing hard tangible physical assets.

Tijana Hasslacher, Director of Operations

Tijana was born 1975 in Vienna, Austria and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Wr. Neustadt, Austria. Soon after her studies she joined the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and worked as Commercial Attachée in the offices in Bratislava, Slovakia and Belgrade, Serbia. After the Chamber of Commerce Tijana worked for more than ten years as an international Project Manager in a multinational Group of Companies active in the environmental industry. In August 2022 Tijana joined philoro as Director of Operations, where she is responsible for the set up of business operations and implementing philoro’s Group policies and standards for philoro USA.