Security features of the philoro gold bar series

The visible features on the gold bars can be on the front, back and the rim. On the front of bars of up to 500 gram, the serial number is engraved by a laser, which must be identical with the certificate. Additionally, the logo, the refinery, and the weight are stamped into the bars. With cast bars, you get the certificate separately.

All philoro bars have a unique serial number, they will be delivered with a certificate that guarantees the authenticity of the bars. In addition, all bars from 1 gram to 500 gram are handed out in a security blister. The blister is firmly welded and cannot be opened or released without destroy the blister. To be sure that you are dealing with a high-quality investment product, it is advisable to only buy certified gold bars.

We practice what we preach – the philoro gold bars are not only LBMA accredited, but also of the best quality.

The mining and processing of gold for the philoro production are subject to the highest ecological and social standards. The certificate guarantees ethically sound conditions for employees and the environment.

We differentiate between three different types of philoro gold bars: cast, minted and CombiBars®.

Cast bars are produced in molds. For this product, the molten gold is simply poured into a special mold. The metal is then left to cool down. This creates a very specific look as well as unique solidification lines on each bar.

Minted or stamped bars are stamped and embossed from a gold band. The bars are then packaged in blisters. Minted Bars are also available in very small sizes, such as 1 gram.

CombiBars® are a very special product, while they generally fall under the category of minted bars, their design allows for more flexibility than traditional bars. The single gold bullion are connected at exactly predetermined breaking points, thus forming a stable union while still being easy to separate without loss by bending.

The advantages of the Gold CombiBars® compared to the normal gold bullion are the separated purchase and sale, and the comfortable handling and storage life.

As of right now, our cast bar sizes range from 1 oz to 1 kilo/ 2.20 lbs.

For our minted bars, the range is even larger and stretches from 1 gram/ 0.032 oz to 1 kilo.

The philoro CombiBars® are currently available in the sizes 1 oz, 20 grams/ 0.64 oz, 50 grams/ 1.61 oz and 100 grams/ 3.21 oz.