Gold bar 10 gram - philoro

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philoro gold bars are produced by LBMA-accredited refiners

At philoro, safeguarding your investment is of utmost importance to us. Our philoro gold bars are equipped with distinctive security features that provide an impervious shield against any attempts at manipulation. Rest assured, the presence of the philoro logo is your assurance of the gold bars' exceptional quality.

All the refiners involved in the production of philoro bars are fully compliant with the stringent standards set forth by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Responsible Sourcing Programme. This particular gold bar, meticulously crafted by Valcambi S.A. in Switzerland on behalf of philoro, bears testimony to our commitment to excellence. Valcambi S.A. holds accreditation as a manufacturer on the esteemed LBMA Good Delivery List, a fact underscored by the distinctive smelter mark “CHI - ESSAYEUR FONDEUR” proudly displayed on the gold bar.

The quality of the bars meets the highest international standards. Each bar is issued with a certificate that guarantees authenticity, origin and quality.

Sustainability and social responsibility

  • In the realm of sustainability and social responsibility, we hold ourselves to the highest ecological and social standards throughout the entire process of mining and processing gold for philoro production.
  • Our certificate is a testament to the ethical conditions maintained for both our valued employees and the environment.
Product ID 2508
Certificate Numbered certificate
Manufacturer philoro
Country of origin Austria / Switzerland
Fine weight 10 Gram
Grade New
Precious Metal Gold
Purity 999.9
Thickness 1.6 mm