Gold CombiBar® 50 x 1 gram - philoro

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Information about Gold CombiBar® 50 x 1 gram – philoro

The Gold CombiBar® is a unique bullion bar composed of multiple 1-gram gold bullion pieces. Each individual gold bullion within the Gold CombiBar® is imprinted with details such as purity, weight, and manufacturer information. These gold units are securely connected at specifically designated break points, creating a robust assembly while still allowing for easy separation without any loss through bending. CombiBars® are available as bar bullion in various precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. The Gold CombiBar® boasts an exceptional fineness level of 999.9.

In comparison to standard gold bullion, the Gold CombiBar® offers distinct advantages, such as the ability to purchase and sell individual units separately and its user-friendly handling and storage. These bar bullion pieces are crafted in a DIN-format, making them easily stackable in safes or safe-deposit boxes. The Gold CombiBar® philoro 50 grams sets the benchmark in both appearance and technical aspects.

philoro gold bars are produced by LBMA-accredited refiners

We prioritize the security of your investment. philoro gold bars are equipped with unique security features that safeguard the precious metals against any form of tampering. The presence of the philoro logo serves as a guarantee of the gold bars' high quality.

All refiners involved in the production of philoro bars adhere to the standards set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Responsible Sourcing Programme. This particular gold bar was manufactured by Valcambi S.A. in Switzerland on behalf of philoro. Valcambi S.A. holds accreditation as a manufacturer in accordance with the LBMA's Good Delivery List, as indicated by the smelter mark "CHI - ESSAYEUR FONDEUR" on the gold bar. These bars consistently meet the most rigorous international standards, and each bar is accompanied by a certificate certifying its authenticity, origin, and quality.

Sustainability and social responsibility 

The mining and processing of gold for philoro's production strictly adhere to the highest ecological and social standards. Our certificate ensures ethical conditions for both employees and the environment.

Product ID 2031
Certificate Numbered certificate
Manufacturer philoro
Country of origin Austria / Switzerland
Fine weight 50 Gram
Purity 999.9
Packaging In Assay
Precious Metal Gold
Thickness 0 mm