Platinum Bar 1 kilo various manufacturers

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The picture of the bar serves as an example. Delivery subject to availability; Only bars from well-known and accredited producers are supplied, such as:

• Argor Switzerland

• Umicore

Information about Platinum Bar 1 kilo various manufacturers – LPPM accredited

Platinum was already used in Ancient Egypt; it has been found in smaller amounts in jewelry dating to around 3000 BC. In the Middle Ages it lost its importance as it was mistakenly considered worthless ancillary material by prospectors in the Spanish colonies.

Due to its unique physical properties, platinum is traded as the most valuable precious metal next to gold. It is, among other things, its resistance to corrosion, as well as its softness and malleability, which makes it particularly recommended for the production of high-quality jewelry.

Platinum Bar 1 kilo various manufacturers – LPPM accredited - buy at philoro

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Product ID 8098
Manufacturer Various Manufacturers
Country of origin various
Fine weight 1 Kilogram
Precious Metal Platinum
Purity 999.5
Thickness 0 mm