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Information about the silver bar 10 oz - various manufacturers

The solidified melt of metals such as gold or silver is called an ingot. Silver bars have been produced since prehistoric times and long before coins were used as a means of payment in trade and as a store of value. The advantage of silver bullion lies in its ease of storage and handling, and its stable value makes it a popular investment to this day.

The fineness of silver bars is usually 999, the price is based on the current market price for silver plus a small surcharge, which is far lower than the one on silver coins. From a weight of 100 g, the surcharge is calculated even lower, which is why larger silver bars are particularly cheap to buy. At philoro, silver bars are available in several standardized sizes with a weight between 1 gram and 1,000 oz .

Larger silver bars are cast, smaller ones stamped and then embossed. In addition to the manufacturer’s name, each silver bar is stamped with the respective metal, the fineness and the weight. Silver bars weighing more than 1000 g are often provided with a serial number for security reasons.

Silver bar 10 oz - buy at philoro

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Product ID 7115
Certificate Numbered certificate
Country of origin various
Manufacturer various Manufacturers
Fine weight 10 Troy Ounce
Precious Metal Silver
Purity 999
Thickness 0 mm