Silver Owl 1 kilo Coin Bar

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Information about the Silver Owl 1 kilo Coin Bar

More than 2,000 years ago, the Attic tetradrachm with the owl motif was the most influential coin in the world. The owl symbolizes strength, wisdom and knowledge. Now the New Zealand Mint is reissuing this beautiful antique silver coin. The silver coin bar is official tender with a nominal value of 50 dollars, with a small premium on the actual silver value.

The design of the Coin Bar

The motif side of the coin bar shows the majestic owl standing on a branch in front of a hammered, reflective background. Her large, also reflective eyes are turned towards the viewer. To the right of the owl are three Greek letters: AΘE.

A = alpha Θ = theta E = epsilon

AΘE (A-TH-E) is the ancient Greek abbreviation for Athens - the actual publisher of the tetradrachm, which served as a model for this coin. To the left of the owl is an olive branch, the symbol of peace, and a crescent moon. Below the coin is the writing: 1KILO 999 FINE SILVER.

Product ID 3253
Manufacturer Various Manufacturers
Country of origin USA
Fine weight 1000 Gram
Precious Metal Silver
Purity 999
Thickness 0 mm